суббота, мая 20, 2006

Charakter File

By now, I have learnt about the difference between "round" and "flat" characters and a lot of other interesting stuff. To test my knowledge I decided to start a character file of my well known english teacher. It include a description of her outward appearance, behaviour, main interests, way of thinking, character traits, past and reputation at school. If you want something to add, just send me an e-mail or post a comment.

Outward Appearance

Ms Ada, a feminine person of about thirty, is dressed with due clerical neatness.
All in all there is nothing remarkable in her appearance but one thing. On a nearer view you see her dark hair getting grey.


She is well educated and self righteous, isn't she?

Main Interests

To be a good and respected teacher.

Way Of Thinking

To complicated for me to anylize it. I'm still a boy.

Character Traits

Ms Ada has a talent for making people laugh and scream.
She feels guilty of saying stupid things and acting dumb.


Once upon a time her daughter had a tragic accident at school.
She was hit by a table falling backwards from her chair.


Ms Ada has the reputation of a perfectionist, because of this she not very popular in our class.

As an attempt to apologize for my bad english, here a nice picture of my english teacher:


Blogger Hannah said...

herr vorragend!

суббота, мая 20, 2006  
Blogger Morpheus said...

Very good, Tim, this was excellent.

Bist aber noch ganz schön gut zu ihr gewesen mit deinem character file!!

Hätte deine zeichnung gerne mal gesehen, aber auch so ein rundum gelungener text.

("Her doughter hurt herself so much")

суббота, мая 20, 2006  
Anonymous Johannes "Suntum" said...

wo nimmst du diese ideen her.....?


суббота, мая 20, 2006  
Blogger Das Leben des Anderen said...

und woher die zeit?
By the way, you had a very clear structure on presenting this excelled character file of Mrs. Adameit


суббота, июня 03, 2006  
Anonymous Анонимный said...

There's a glow

пятница, января 12, 2007  

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